Tuesday, November 9, 2010

John Ndongo: He finished well

When I think about the life of John Ndongo two thoughts come to mind. 

 The first is; one man can make a difference and the second is;  we must use the time God has given us.

John Ndongo  heard the name of Jesus for the first time and was baptized  at Sunungu in 2007 and immediately began sharing the gospel with his family and friends.  He was not what you would consider a likely evangelist, as  he had a checkered past.   He had been known to be a drunkard and people reported that  he used to get drink and sleep in the road.   Some reported that he was abusive to  his wife and children. 

Perhaps that is why his evangelism was impactful. The people saw the change and the church grew. Twelve months after his baptism there were over 200 baptized members in the little village in the Bariadi area and in 2010 there are well over 500 baptized members and the congregation has a church building. Many people came to know the Lord through his sharing.

People said "If John Ndongo has changed because of Jesus, this Jesus in good to believe in."

In  2009  John Ndongo died and leaving  a widow and children.

John made a difference in Sunungu province and his witness lives on in the lives of the believers. Look what he did with the final two years of his life. He finished well.