Saturday, August 24, 2013

2014 Mission Trip to Tanzania....come and join us

Mission Outreach in the New South East of Lake Victoria Diocese

Paved roads in the United States are never so appreciated as when we come home to Tennessee. This year we were on paved road for 6 hours out of a 7 day mission trip. The roads we traveled were or gravel and dirt and rutted and bumpy. Twice we had to drive thru a river because a bridge was no longer functioning.

What we did appreciate was the work of the Pastors, Deacons and Evangelists and interpreters in each village.  Despite weather or conditions, they are workers with a heart to serve and bring the good news of  the gospel to the villages.

Each  day the pastors accompanied us in our Land Rover as we drove approximately  45 minutes to  a new village or sub parish.  The American  teams were divided up and matched with  Pastors/interpreters and a local evangelist. After prayer we all went off  led by the local member of the Parish who knew the location of  homes we were to visit.   This is essential since we are traveling in areas with no street addresses , road signs, only a narrow path to a home in a remote location,

Moving  from home to home,  we shared the simple gospel message using the evangecube. Sometimes it was to 1 person or  20 people. Sometimes the people were of another faith such  as Catholic, or Muslim or African Inland Church  but sometimes they were unchurched.    60% of the Sukuma people are not part of an organized religion, but call themselves pagans or traditional believers.  We were welcomed in every home and  they wanted us to tell them the story regardless of their affiliation.

They  were very interested in learning about Jesus . Some hearing about Him for the first time and how He took their sins with him to the cross and died for them making peace between them and God by his precious blood. These pastors, evangelists and interrupters took time from their busy schedules and families  to make our trip as effective.

At the end of the Week, we had many new friends and over a 1000 new brothers and sisters in Christ in the Bariadi district whose  sins had been wash away in their Baptism were welcomed into the Kingdom. 

Come join us in 2014 and see for yourself.