Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mid South District Mission team to visit Tanzanian School for Albino Children

A team of 10 will be leaving the Mid-South District in May 2014 with plans to share the gospel message in the Shinyanga area of East of Victoria Diocese of the Lutheran church of Tanzania.

One of  our visits will be to a residential camp for children with albinism and other disabilities in Shinyanga Tanzania area.
In this compound there are 261 albinos,  as well as 80 deaf or blind children.
The condition of these children is not good, they live in very simple conditions and often lack food and rarely get visitors.

One reason that these children are in this situation  is  because  of the power of witchcraft  that is strong in those areas where the gospel has not been proclaimed. The gospel message is desperately needed in these areas to fight the superstition and prejudice   The danger these children face include dismemberment and even murder – officially 72 people with albinism have been brutally murdered in Tanzania over the last five years and many others have been mutilated. This practice is fuelled by witch doctors who say that body parts from people with albinism will bring wealth and prosperity.  During the last few years the government has established these special schools isolated from the population where the children can be protected from this evil

People with albinism are extremely vulnerable to skin cancer.   Lack of education and understanding, as well as lack of sunscreen, wide brimmed hats and proper clothing are resulting in skin cancer.  Deaconess Sandra Rhein from a team from Concordia Seminary Fort Wayne visited the compound last year and are planning on returning in march 2014 with a supply of sun glasses.

If you would like to help share the gospel message in this area
Contributions can be made to the Mid-South District LCMS      please note Tanzania on your check.