Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bibi Marge: Bariadi Orphanage...from a dream to reality

I have written in the past about Marge Beam. She is a retired schoolteacher from OH that is changing lives and making a significant difference .  What a story! Age was no barrier for Marge. Retired from teaching,  she is making the most out of life after retirement.

 Marge has been the driving force and fund raiser for the project.   The orphanage n Bariadi has been in operation for a year  and a month.  They have 12 children living in the facility... six boys and six girls, ages 5 and 6.

In November the Bariadi congregation had an event to celebrate this occasion.  The women of the congregation cooked and the two church choirs sang and danced  to celebrate the completion of  two water tanks.The latest project will collect rain water during the rainy season that can be used throughout the year.  This will eliminate the need to purchase water.

The orphanage will be dedicated in June of 2011.