Thursday, October 24, 2013

Deconess needs help with sun glasses for Albino children

One of the trips  Deaconess Rhein  and her students made during the two weeks training  was to the albino compound, where 261 albinos, 45 blind, and 39 deaf children live.
These children live in the poorest, starkest conditions, and were so grateful to have visitors. They could not get enough of being touched and hugged.
I've asked my youth group to help me gather 300 pairs of children's sunglasses to take with me when I go back in March, so I can give them all a gift.
If you could send a few dozen sunglasses my way, it would be much appreciated! 

One more thing: witchcraft is very strong in this area of Tanzania. The Gospel is desperately needed to fight against the devil and his hold in this witchcraft and superstition.
This is the reason the albinos must live in a compound is that witchcraft still remains very strong in some area of Tanzania

There is a belief by the witch doctors that Abino’s body parts have  value.  Their body parts and blood  bring good luck, so their lives are in danger in society.
The Good news is this; the Gospel is more powerful than the witchdoctors.  And many  repent and become Christians when they hear  the saving message of the Gospel


Deaconess Sandra Rhein
Emmaus Lutheran Church
929 E. Milton
South Bend, IN 46613