Wednesday, August 6, 2008


How great is to know your sins are forgiven.

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear

And grace my soul relieved

How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed

The choir from the local congregation greeted us in song as we drove into the yard of the church elder. they had so much enthusiasm and were so colorful. In this home area were three homes a new home and two older mud huts. We were told that someone wanted to be baptized but they had apparently already went to the school for the service and Baptism. The choir sang to us as we departed. They began running down the road singing.

We drove off in another direction. We went to another little home that was located just off two little cross trails. Just before we began our service we could hear the choir singing. Soon they came into view. They had run the whole way from the last house.

People came from everywhere to this little mud hut. Soon we were complete surrounded by men women and children. (where do they all come from?) We had a baptism service while the choir sang. We baptized many.

The sun was just going down when we drove into the kafundekele school yard. People were everywhere. They had taken the desks out of the school and place them in a square. We introduced ourselves and talked. Pastor yohana asked for those wanting baptism to come forward. We were overwhelmed. There were so many. It was getting dark so we had to have someone with a flashlight, someone holding the bowl with the water and someone from the congregation writing the names of the individuals and someone baptizing.There we two Baptism teams we were completely surrounded people on every side. We could hardly move. One of the ladies who came forward to be baptized by Pastor Josh Hatcher was a tiny lady who was baptized as Rosalea. Roselea was 90 years old and came with some friends who were also quite old.