Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Water from Kentucky to Tanzania

When we need a drink we just go to the tap. How convenient! What luxury! The water is clean and free of germs. Sometimes this is not good enough for us and we purchase expensive bottled water. We use water softeners and must have the right temperature for our showers.

This is not possible in Tanzania. In most villages the women and children walk for miles to find water for their family. They transport the water for cooking, washing, and drinking. Lack of sanitary water causes many diseases that wipe out families. Just imagine, worrying about your children drinking contaminated water and getting sick. When you see what women go through just to get water to wash their clothes; you are truly impressed with what they go through to show up for church on Sunday clean and in their “Sunday best.” They take great pride in their appearance.

The Sunday school classes at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Bowling Green have dedicated the Sunday school offering every 3rd Sunday to a Tanzanian well project. This is a great project for all age groups to participate in. Not only does it meet a felt need but is a wonderful Christian witness to all Tanzanians. Something so simple for us, yet so critical to them.

Consider a Tanzanian mission project for your Sunday school. The East of Lake Diocese of the Lutheran Church of American has great needs such as, bikes or motorbikes for pastors to travel between congregations, radio and audio visual outreach, and help for educating pastors and evangelists.

With a little effort on our part, we can do much for our brothers and sisters in Tanzania. Please prayerfully consider what you can do for the kingdom in Tanzania.