Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Age is no barrier….

Martha Fetting, Hot Springs, Arkansas resident and member of, First Lutheran Church has a gift. She knits/crochets beautiful hats. She is 85 years young and has not forgotten the lessons learned living through the war. She is a very frugal person and instead of buying new balls of yarn prefers to use odds and ends of yarn left over from other projects to make hats. She has made over 1000 hats and they have found their way to hospitals, to the less fortunate, to California and Afghanistan. Now they will likely be Tanzania where they will be a “hot commodity” with the adults and children in the villages. The next mission trip will find members gladly making room in their luggage to carry these colorful hats to the Sukuma people. What a treat they will be! The people, in this country right under the equator, love to have anything western and will cherish the brightly colored hats
Mrs. Fetting is very modest but her talents lie not only with knitting. She speaks five languages having been born in Lithuania. She was often called to the local hospital to help with translation to non-English speaking patients. What an example of using her senior years to continue to bless others with her talent to benefit people around the world.