Monday, February 23, 2009


Nyakato, Tanzania! Is a place of great hope in the Mwanza area and in the East of Lake Victoria Diocese? Denny and Paula Lofstron have done such a great job in creating interest in providing health services to the people in the Nykato area. They have been great in sharing their enthusiasm with Church in the United States. As a result congregations in Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota and other states have raised funds, shipped building material, and built medical clinics, isolation hospitals, and birthing hospitals. What a great story!

The clinic continues to grow as they are seeing 60 - 100 patients a day. They see more when special teams come and it seems that there are always special teams from such locations as Germany, Norway, The United States and more. Their goal is to give quality efficient care and it means being involved with every part of the process of seeing patients from chairs, water, charts, labs etc. It is a complex process but its reputation is growing every day. People are starting to come from far away as well as our own neighborhood. And we still strive to provide this care at low cost. To see the doctor is the equivalent of about $1.30, and we help out those who cannot afford that.

They are looking forward to starting the maternal child health unit...seeing moms to be, new moms and babies. They will start out slowly but everyone tells them they will be flooded as soon as the Bogumil birthing center is finished.

This week will see the beginning of the building of the eye center. The crew is starting to finish the inside walls of the birthing center with the rough concrete. Plastering will come next, and then finishing when the team from One Community Spiritual Center (formerly Christ Church Unity) in Kansas City arrives in June. Consider being part of this ministry. Contact me if you have an interest in a trip in 2009.