Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Church at Nyangokolwa....Tanzania

Nyangokolwa  is  located about 15 miles from Bariadi.  We drove to this little village after the church service in Bariadi, some of the villager people were waiting for us under some large shade trees.  The church adult choir sang and danced  for us,  the choir director led the group my making clicking noises to get the group in rhythm later the youth choir sang and dance. (Maybe Jodie should consider a little dance number for the Holy Trinity choir) 

We all introduced ourselves and share our testimony with Pastor Mkaro preaching to this group of 100 members which seemed to grow and grow as the service went on.
Pastor Mkaro pastors the church in Bariadi and has 11 other sub parishes that have started through the work of the church planting ministry and the area evangelist who go into the surrounding areas with Pastor Mkaro. 

After the service we divided into 3 groups- children, youth and adults.  We shared Bible stories and they asked questions about America and how we live here. They were fascinated to learn how we cooked our food  They told us about the church they were building, they had poured the foundation and  made bricks for the walls but needed to make more.  The congregation did  all this work cleaning the spot, breaking rocks for the foundation, making bricks  by hand.  No power tools or equipment only strong backs and hoes.   They told us that they did not have enough money  for wood for the roof trusses or steel sheets for the roof.   I gave them $200 of the to be used for the roof..  This will not be enough to finish the job but will get them started.  (They will probably need $300 to $500 more)

They also asked if we could help them get Bibles as very few people have Bibles or Hymnals. 
We had previously purchased bibles with part of your money and gave them to the Pastor Mkaro when we first arrived.  He gave them to the confirmands.  The thought this was a good way to get them into the hands of all the family groups.

They also asked if we could help with their Medical care problems.  There are 200,000 people living in 5 area villages area who have no medical care within 15 miles of here homes.  If someone is ill they have to walk or ride their bike the 15 miles into Bariadi to he hospital. 

We also gave some money to the LWML group of the village. They needed money for a large iron grill to cook for their fund raisers, they needed some dishes and pots to keep food warm

I also gave part of the Holy Trinity offering  to the area evangelist to buy a bike.  Emmanuel Mboje, the Church Planting Coordinator,  walks from area to area sharing the gospel story.  He often walks 10 to 30 miles a day.  I thought the bike would be helpful.

Later in the evening we showed them the story of Jesus from gospel of Luke.  We had rented a projector, DVD player and generator because the Diocese video van is no longer working.  The truck is old, they use  an old 16 mm projector that broke constantly and it is hard to find 16mm movies. 
The People in the Village  loved the movie; it is so easy for them to relate to the life of Jesus because the way of life show in the movies is so similar to their lives.  After the movie over 100 people made a profession of faith. 

This movie ministry is so effective we much find a way to keep this ministry. 

I will attach a few pictures. Please keep the congregation of Nyangokolwa in your prayers.  (pronounced ny an go col wa)

We made plans with the Diocese officials to have another mid-south district mission trip next year on an island in  Lake Victoria.  The island is ukerewe
Is about 25 miles north of Mwanza in lake Victoria.  It is approximately  300 sq miles.
We are planning an outreach to the various congregations on the island
We will conduct  a children’s  program  (vacation bible school)
And we are looking for people who are handy with a hammer  to help us put sheet metal on some churches roofs.