Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda

The Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda (LCMU) is about 15 years old and they've never before had as many pastors as they have right now. As we were preparing to go to Uganda for the first time, the church had only one ordained pastor. By the time we arrived in Uganda a year and a half ago, the church was served by two ordained pastors and three brand-new vicars. Today, the LCMU has five ordained Ugandan pastors and five vicars. And next month, five additional vicars will be returning from Seminary. It's a great time for the ministerial staff from across the country to start meeting together for mutual encouragement, to raise and address opportunities and challenges in the church, and to advise the LCMU Board of Directors on issues of ministry and theology.

"So, on April 9, with great joy, the LCMU convened its first ever Ministerial Conference. In attendance were four of the five ordained pastors, four of the five current vicars, and the two missionaries-Rev. Jacob Gillard and Shauen. Rev. Gillard hosted the conference at his home in Kampala. The conversation over the course of the two-day conference ranged from the assignments of the new vicars arriving next month to the strengthening of church records collected from each region, to the care and support of pastors who work in the remote parts of Uganda and are able to come together in fellowship with other pastors only a few times a year.

"Praise the Lord for the workers He has brought up in this land-and for their first ever Ministerial Conference. May this mark the beginning of a new era in the Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda."