Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pray for Trouble...

Our team walked more miles then I probably have walked in a year combined; we endured the heat, dust, and we saw the will of God.  

That day we baptized others that had heard we were there the day before; some had bowls ready for us for baptisms.  One boy didn’t want to be baptized and our evangelist named him “trouble” as he sat in a tree and watched as his brothers and sisters were baptized.  We saw him the next day and he followed us door to door, but he was never baptized while we were there. 

 I thought to myself. .. It is all in His time and His will.   I will always wonder what happened to “trouble,” but I know that none of the baptisms were because of me; they were because the Holy Spirit worked through me and the others on our team.  

Hopefully, one day “trouble” will become a brother in Christ with us.

Sharon Hyde
Memphis, TN