Thursday, June 12, 2014

You are needed over here....God's timing

 One village we returned to a second day.  The first thoughts I had while we walked the same path was we had already shared the Gospel with this area.  We were with a different evangelist and he didn’t know the homes we had already been to. 

 I obviously was trying to be in control instead of letting the Holy Spirit be in control.  We heard a voice call out saying “You are needed over here”.  

One of the homes we had gone to the day before had several children and an older girl keeping the children.  The prior day there was not an adult there and so we did not baptize any of the children.  The mother was there and wanted to hear the story of Jesus and after she was baptized along with all of her children.  This touched my heart and I prayed right then thanking God for him being in control and showing me the work of the Holy Spirit.  I wasn't patient and I didn't understand why we were back in the same area – God showed me that it is all in His timing.

Sharon Hyde
Memphis, TN